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My Fireplace

| November 27, 2012 | 4 Comments
My Fireplace

old fireplace

I love my fireplace, but whilst I have been doing a makeover on my living room, I realised that I also needed to revamp it.  So I decided the easiest way to do this was to look at some inspiration on Pinterest.  My favourite mantel displays seemed to contain lots of glass, and candlesticks so this is the theme I went for.

I scoured the charity shops, but didn’t find anything.  So I decided Ebay would be much better, it really came up trumps and its so easy, and secure to pay for things with Pay Pal and within a 2 weeks I had all of the items that I needed, and a few more bargains!

I knew I wanted the fireplace to remain a focal feature, but the large vase in the middle was blocking out so much light reflecting from the mirror. The colours really didn’t go with the room any longer as well.  Though I thought I could use most of the other items, by moving them around the room. We also needed a new fire-guard, as the one we had, was both borrowed and brass. We quickly sourced a new one of those, and with some negotiating I managed to get it for £22, a complete bargain.

Over the two weeks, I managed to find a collection of used vintage glass candlesticks, ranging from 99p, to 4.99 for the teal 1970’s vase in the centre. So including postage I paid around £20.

fireplace makeover

It was such a small thing to move the large vase, that is in my first photograph, but the amount of light that it has created, is brilliant.

I have really enjoyed using eBay, though must admit I’ve become addicted to buying candlesticks.  I don’t really need any more but can’t resist searching for them.  I also bought a 1920/30’s vintage children’s tea set for £4.99 at the weekend.  This is on Miss A’s Christmas list, I am so pleased I have not only got a bargain, but it much more unique and pretty than a modern set, I shall post a photograph of that another day.

So here is the finished fireplace.  I am very happy with the result.

Fireplace makeover

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