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She’s Growing Up….

| October 30, 2012 | 10 Comments
She’s Growing Up….


I was looking through photographs over the weekend, and like a bolt from the blue, I became choked up.  My little girl, is growing up!

Miss N, my eldest daughter, who turned 10 in September, will always be my little girl, I know. However she is growing up so fast.  She has developed a love of learning all about make-up, and developing her own sense of style.  I remember how that feels, but didn’t realise how hard it is as a mother to watch your children grow up so fast.  Though I confess, I did a little happy dance’ when you said you would like some purple Doc Martins for Christmas.

I definitely started to have an idea about my own style much later than this.  So maybe that’s where the difference lies?

I am so proud of you, I love that you know exactly what you want, but it hard for both of us, when we disagree.  I’m sure we will be having words about hem lines and heels, in three or four years from now, but please, please don’t make it any sooner!

So Miss N, for now, I’m concentrating on nurturing the fact, you are still my little girl.

One day, I’m sure you will have your own make-up, and clothing line. I love that over half term you made up your own perfume, and it doesn’t smell too bad, and It didn’t take too long to clean the nail varnish up off your bedroom floor, really.

I love that you customised your own t-shirt, but next time Miss N, check that its one that you can cut up….ok?

You are a star Miss N, you are shining so brightly and I love you!

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Silent Sunday

| October 7, 2012 | 26 Comments
Silent Sunday

disco girl silent sunday

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