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7 Ways to Make Home Furniture Deliveries Easier

| February 22, 2013 | 7 Comments
7 Ways to Make Home Furniture Deliveries Easier

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This guest post brought to you in association with Out There Interiors, is very timely as we have had to move lots of furniture in the last two weeks, whilst we were decorating. I also know lots of people are starting to think about home improvements, maybe it was the sunshine we have had this week.

Written by Liz Higginbottom

Whether you are moving house, changing the layout in your home, taking delivery of something new or even just cleaning, you are bound to be faced with moving a chest of drawers sooner or later. The main consideration here is to avoid any damage, whether it’s to the unit itself, to the floor covering, to the walls or to your back.

Follow these simple suggestions for surprisingly stress-free furniture shifting.

1.  Don’t do it if you don’t have to

When buying furniture, always read the delivery policy. Often couriers, all too aware of the problems involved in moving large pieces of furniture, will only deliver a chest of drawers to just inside the front door. So check before you buy. You can usually pay a small extra charge to have the new item put exactly where you want it. This is particularly useful in the case of mirrored furniture which is exceptionally heavy and easy to damage.

2.  Don’t try to do it on your own

You need at least one helper and if stairs are involved may be a third. If you anticipate moving large items frequently it may be wise to invest in a two wheeled trolley or sack barrow. These make moving large items a walk in the park

3.  Reduce the weight

If you have to do it yourself take out all the drawers. Not only will this lighten the load it will also stop them falling out and hitting the banister as they are manoeuvred. If the drawers are the same size it is a good idea to label them on the reverse, thus ensuring that they go back into their original slot where they will be a better fit.

4.  Reduce the dimensions

Is it possible to unscrew the legs? They can be vulnerable as you negotiate stairs. Consider totally dismantling a piece of furniture only if it is intended to come to pieces. Often damage can be done to joints or screw threads stripped if you attempt this. Check though, as some items may surprise you. I have an enormous French wardrobe for instance which reduces to a pile of planks which can then be transported in an estate car.

5.  Measure

Measure any doorways that may cause problems and devise the best plan of attack. I once moved into a house where the first floor was accessed by an enclosed winding staircase. Anything larger than a bedside cabinet had to be hauled by rope up to the balcony on a makeshift track made of two roof joists!

6.  Replace the drawers before transporting

Replace the drawers before transporting your chest of drawers by road, in order to maintain the rigidity of the unit. It is fine to leave clothes inside but remove anything that will fly around if the unit is tipped. Wrap the whole thing in a blanket or in bubble wrap thus ensuring that the drawers remain in place and any adjacent items do not scratch the chest.

7.  Always protect your back.

You have heard it before but it really is important to bend from the knees so that it is your legs not your back that take the strain. Also if you are carrying the chest upstairs the taller person should be pushing up from the bottom and the shorter lifting from the top.



Bedroom Reveal : The Range

| January 31, 2013 | 35 Comments
Bedroom Reveal : The Range

The Range, childrens furniture

I am very excited to reveal Miss A’s new bedroom to you all today. I can’t believe the transformation that it has undertaken. I think we have solved all of the problems we had with her previous bedroom, and the room she now has is so much prettier and easier to keep tidy.  She loves it, and has named it her new princess bedroom.

Firstly I thought I would talk a little bit about the ordering and delivery with The Range.

Its very simple to order items online, with The Range, and when they were due to be delivered it was actually when we had very heavy snow in the UK.  I gave the customer service team a quick call, to check timings and they were so helpful.  In actual fact, from the point of ordering they took up to four days to be delivered (it was delivered in two separate batches) and that included the weekend, great service!

The Bed is from the Julian Bowen range of furniture. It’s a 90cm single bed with a metal frame, and very well made.  Priced at £129.99 (without the mattress) it’s great value for money too. I think it is the perfect bed for a girls bedroom, it looks very princessy now (as requested by Miss A) but will grow with her, which is so important.  It also is at a height that we can now purchase under-bed storage for, so no more mess!

The Range, childrens bedroom The Range, childrens furniture, bedroom

The bedside unit and the bed, were sent flat packed, and Tall Dad found them easy to put together, and there were no issues of missing pieces etc, and he completed the task in a couple of hours.  The drawers are the perfect height, and have enough space for keeping all of her pyjamas and underwear in. It has meant we can put her night light on the bedside drawers (the china cottage in the above photograph) safely in the evening, as well as a book for her to read in the morning.The Range, new childrensbedroom

The bedside cabinet is also from the Julian Bowen range, priced at £89.99. It is very solidly built, and feels substantial. I love the simplicity of the design and the colour is neutral so will also work when she is older.


We also choose this rose photograph frame, from The Range a complete bargain at £7.99. It has room for 9 photographs, and is very pretty, and French shabby chic looking!


Finally we choose the bedding, we wanted the look to be girly, but not babyish. Miss A, had requested, red and pink, and we settled for this bedding, and she loves it. It does have lots of dusky pink and a little bit of a red/pink too at the centre of the roses.

There is a great selection of bedding, and as this came with a matching throw too, we thought it would give the pretty princess look we wanted to achieve. The single ‘Sarah’ duvet is priced £10.99 including the pillow case. The throw, folded at the foot of the bed is priced at £25.99.  I have only washed the duvet cover once so far, but it washed well, I just needed to remember not to tumble dry.


So what do you think?

As you can see from the photographs, Miss A is already making herself at home, with her handbags on the bed, and her pretend mobile phone on the bedside cabinet. She absolutely loves her new grown up room, and so do we.  The only problem is, we now have to do a transformation on her sisters room Miss N (10).  So watch this space, as that room has many more issues that we need to resolve, and I hope to cover this on the blog too.

Thank you for reading