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Floral Summer : Home

| June 14, 2014 | 4 Comments
Floral Summer : Home

Adding the floral vibe to your home, doesn’t have to cost the earth. I have chosen some really cost-effective pieces, to add a summer flourish to your home.

Soft and pretty, bold and exotic, there are so many different designs you can go for, here are some of my top floral home accessory choices for the season : Continue Reading


Ideas to add colour and a retro feel to my kitchen

| March 14, 2013 | 8 Comments
Ideas to add colour and a retro feel to my kitchen

Plain Bright, simple kitchen, white, light, smeg

Sponsored Post: However, thoughts and words here, are 100% my own.

Following on from an interview last week with a magazine about kitchen utensils that I own, and iconic brands that I use.  I took a step back and looked at my kitchen and began to wonder if it really reflects who I, and my family are.  The kitchen for us is the hub of the home,  because it has seating and a TV in there too, we could pretty much live in that one room.  It’s automatically where we would sit down and have a coffee when we invite friends over too. Continue Reading


Guest Post: Are you undervaluing your possessions?

| February 8, 2013 | 0 Comments
Guest Post: Are you undervaluing your possessions?

Here is a Guest Post Written by: Joel Stanier


How much would it cost to replace all the things in your home? £10,000? £50,000? More?

When you start to think carefully about all the things you own, it can add up to a lot more than you may have guessed.

Continue Reading


Knits to Give – Debbie Bliss

| September 1, 2011 | 7 Comments

I’ve been really spoilt recently with some fantastic books to review. I wanted to share the latest one with you.

Knits to Give by Debbie Bliss. It’s a collection of 30 gift ideas put together to form…well a gorgeous modern selection of handmade knitted gifts. I am a huge advocate of handmade gifts as readers of my blog will know. I would love to receive any of the items

The book is divided into 5 sections but the Introduction really should get a mention too. It gives an outline into the thinking behind this book written by Debbie Bliss.

Debbie (hope she doesn’t mind me using her first name) holds an informal knitting group at a local bar and restaurant. Erm….can I come?

How one of these ladies (Mia) who attends, and is the amazing stylist for the book. Used time at the group practising all the various stitches in squares she then joined them all up to make a blanket for a friend, a present at her baby shower. How as a devoted ‘shopper’ she realised the complete joy of making and giving. Which in turn reminded Debbie, and here we have the result!

She also covers in this introduction the types of yarn, the abbreviations in the pattern that you will see and what these mean and some gift wrapping ideas.

The first section is:

For Her (click images to see more detail)

Lots of projects in here, but I feel I must show you this one. It’s such a modern take on a knitted gift – I love them! I can really imagine wearing those in Autumn and winter.

For Him:

An iPad cover (or other Tablet) What a cosy home, I just know Tall Dad would love this for his Blackberry Playbook, you can even line it with an old work shirt to make it even more personnel. It is in a hard-wearing stitch and has a leather tie to secure. I’ll be honest I’d love it too ;)

For Baby:

Again so many gorgeous things in this section..but I thought I would show you the one that my little one, Miss A loved! It’s a toy Zebra…there are also lots of clothes for baby too….really gorgeous!

For Kids:

Look at these gorgeous stripey long socks you can choose between 2 different age ranges, and the stripes don’t match, how cool is that! Long socks are really in again this year as well.

For The Home:

Home is where the heart is. What a lovely gift to give someone in their new home, or for Valentines Day…. really something to treasure!

Each of the projects should take no longer than a week to complete and some even could be completed in an evening.

Overall I am very impressed with this book. I think the two things I like the most are as a very novice knitter, is it has simple projects as well as more advanced. So there is room to advance your knitting knowledge. I also love the idea of the joy of giving or receiving something that has been handmade. It’s a simple concept but one which I think is often overlooked in such a consumer lead society.

This would make a great gift I feel, as well as book ideal to buy for oneself. it is available from all leading book shops from late September and published by Quadrille in Hardback for £18.99.

As of writing this post it is available to pre-order for the 19th September at a price of £14.24 at Amazon by following this link.

I am including this in the Handmade Thursday Link up – on The White Lily Green Blog :

Inspire Me Beautiful

Thank you for reading

The Ana Mum Diary x

Disclaimer: I was given the book free by the publishers to review on their behalf.

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