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Zalando : Review (…and Orla Kiely)

| June 16, 2013 | 7 Comments
Zalando : Review (…and Orla Kiely)

Orla Keily Leather Bag - Zalando Review

Oh be still my beating heart….do you see it? Do you? I know, its an Orly Keily bag, and its gorgeous!

I was contacted by Zalando, to put their site through its paces and in return, I got to review one their products.  Now if you haven’t heard of Zalando its the UK’s (it originates from Europe though) largest online wardrobe! It has shoes, clothing and home items.  Now when I say it the biggest, it really does have a lot of stock, but the site is well signposted, and you really wouldn’t realise this when navigating the site.

I toyed with the idea of buying this :

Zalando review


At £85, I knew just the wall that it would look great on. I could imagine it with half family photographs, and some vintage postcards I’ve been collecting too.  Then I saw this Rene Lezard Cocktail Dress :

Zalando Review René Lezard Cocktail dress / Party dress

…which I fell in love with, but at £250 I really was blowing my budget.  Don’t worry Tall Dad, I didn’t buy it….yet!

But then I realised that they sold Orla Kiely, bags, dresses, coats and purses. I have loved Orla Kiely for years, and I have some of her home-ware in my kitchen, the retro vibe of the designs really appeal to me.

So when I saw this Orla Kiely Poppy, cross over leather bag, in yellow: £155, I just had to have it!  I love this bag, it’s perfect for summer, and for my upcoming holiday. It’s the perfect size to add to an outfit for the evening, I wear allot of black, and navy, so I love that it will give a pop of colour too!

Orla Keily - Zalando Review


Once ordered, it arrived 3 days afterwards. I was notified, by email and by text.  It’s such a good idea to add your mobile number, if like me you tend to be out and about in the day.  It was really well packaged, and came in a cloth Orla Kiely bag.  Made from gorgeous leather, I absolutely adore it!

Thank you Zalando, I am now your No1 fan!

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Living Room Makeover : Sofa So Good

| November 14, 2012 | 21 Comments
Living Room Makeover : Sofa So Good

So, in my quest for a brighter more functioning living room, I have revealed MY DESK and TOY STORAGE. I would like to now show you my new sofas:Sofa, Sofa

We decided to go for a large sofa, big enough for 3/4 people and a small sofa, which comfortably seats two.

Interior design

After much deliberation we plumped for leather again, as its easier to keep clean with a preschooler. I say this whilst hiding felt tips from the little minx!

I purchased them from Sofa Sofa. A friend, had recommended the company to me, as being great value for money, but fantastic quality.  I was really, very impressed with the company as a whole.  They communicated with me via email, and even gave me a courtesy call, to let me know they had my order.  Very impressive.  They arrived exactly at the date we had prearranged.  I had asked them to delay the delivery slightly as I wasn’t ready for them.

The delivery men were friendly but professional unpacking the sofas, which were wrapped in cloth as well as plastic to protect them, and taking this away with them. They asked me to take my time and check the sofas were to my satisfaction. Such a fantastic experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend them. This is not in any way a sponsored post, as I paid the full retail price for them, I just wanted to share my experience.

I love the sofas, as the are quite vintage looking, with the low slung arms, but classic in shape. They are extremely  comfortable (which I was worried about, as I was buying them online) and in a warm but light colour.

I have bought new cushions too.   A very subdued collection for me, in golds and teal. The gold cushions were both from Debenhams. The cushion behind, is by Betty Jackson and has a gold thread running through the woven fabric.  The second is from John Rocha and is described as gold foil velour.

Debenhams Cushions

I have included two teal cushions, a spotty one, that can been seen on the above photograph, of the two seater, from John Lewis.  Finally, I have the cushion below, which I actually won in a competition. It’s from Liberty, and is hand painted, and made of slub silk.  I love it, I don’t think it is made any longer, but I love that it doesn’t match anything else, makes it even more special.

Liberty, soft furnishings, cushion

I do have throws, that we use too for when it gets a little chilly in the evening, but I would love to have some teal ones.  They are on my wish list at the moment, I’m open to suggestions, if you happen to see any snuggly ones, please let me know.

So there you have my two new Sofas and cushions. My next post on my living room makeover will be about an piece of funiture, that I have been lucky enough to review from a fantastic company called Fashion for Home.  I have included them in a recent I Love Mondays feature.

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