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Center Parcs : Family Blog Club 2013/14

| October 6, 2013 | 15 Comments

This is my entry into the Tots 100 Center Parcs Family Blog Competition

Park Life!

We have never been to Center Parcs as a family, and as we live really close to the Sherwood Forest Village in Nottinghamshire, that’s such a shame. ┬áSo when I saw this competition to apply to have the chance to become one the 12 official Center Parcs Family Bloggers families in 2013/14, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

So if we were lucky enough to win, then we would choose Sherwood Forest Village, but would be very happy to look at elsewhere too.

As a family we love to have fun, lots of laughter and above all, be together, so this is the theme of our trip to the local park. Of course as a blogger my passion is to capture these moments on camera, so we included this too.

Not to be left out, Bennett our new puppy also wanted to star in the video too!

We would love to be Center Parcs Ambassadors, getting back to nature during the day in the beautiful surroundings of the forest, whilst living in gorgeous accommodation where nature is the backdrop…perfect!

Ohh, and here is the photograph I took whilst I was being filmed by my daughter Miss N.

What I saw!


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The Photo Holiday Diary Part 2

| August 21, 2011 | 2 Comments
The Photo Holiday Diary Part 2

I’m back…tired and a little frazzled but it really has been a lovely two weeks. I would have liked to have done a small blog post each day whilst I was away, but the internet connection we had in our cottage was to put it politely…. pants! However the setting was so beautiful you really can’t have it all, and I think it did me (and so everyone else LOL) good having a break from twitter especially.

We went to so many places and I have lots of lovely photographs to show you.

You can see Day 1 and our first impressions here.

Trip to Escot

Because we were in Devon for two weeks we didn’t plan anything really, just woke up each morning and did whatever our mood and of course the weather dictated. The Lady who owned our cottage had recommended Escot as a fun day out, if the weather was nice, so that was one of the first things we tried.

We were greeted by one of my favourite animals:

There was so much to do here, we watched the otters. We’ve never seen these up close, they really are lovely playful creatures. We found it very relaxing watching them dipping in and out of the water.

Played in the park:This is one of my favourites:

The park was really lovely, a bit tired and bashed in a well-loved way. Our favourite was the stepping stone logs…but I didn’t manage to take a photograph of those. It was surrounded by woods…so lots of places to picnic away from the beaten track if you wanted to.

We had Everyone but Tall Dad had such fun in the maze…

after nearly an hour of being lost, I found my way out using my superb sense of direction…right back to the entrance ;)

Tall Dad however was left scratching his head for a while longer!

I’m a little bit competitive…just a little bit ;)

Oh and talking of Tall Dad, here is some wild boar ;) (Lets hope he never reads this post then)

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