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Bratzillaz Review: Midnight Beach

| May 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Bratzillaz : Midnight Beach


We have been given a Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Doll to review this week, the Yasmina Clairvoya doll, which comes with a swimsuit, cape, a broomstick hairbrush, a handheld mask and a bracelet.  There are 6 dolls in the entire range, here are 5 of the dolls, the last one being Fianna Fins, a mermaid like character.

Bratzillaz Midnight Beach

Each of doll comes dressed in a bathing suit with a cape, which also doubles as a sarong, and a witch like hat. The dolls have glass eyes, that give an amazing spooky and unusual look, and have fully articulated poseable bodies. Also each of the dolls characters have a different special power and ‘witch mark’ symbol on their body.


Included in the new range are original characters: Jade J’Adore™, Meygana Broomstix™, Cloetta Spelletta™, Sashabella Paws™, and Yasmina Clairvoya™, as well as brand new character Fianna Fins™, who has risen up from the waves to join her Bratzillaz™ friends.

Bratzillaz™ are the witchy glam cousins of the original Bratz dolls. They study at an exclusive fashion magic academy known as the ‘Bratzillaz™ Academy’, where they learn magical powers to do good for all those around them.

I did wonder what my daughters would think of them, as they had never had a doll quite like this one before.

Here is what they loved about Yasmina Clairvoya :

All of the Midnight Beach Bratzillaz dolls including Yasmina have a glow in the dark feature, which we had great fun trying out.  Miss A and N thought this was a great idea, and went with the spooky image. I did wonder if it would scare my youngest who is 4, but she loved it.

Yasmina has yellow eyes, and the girls loved the colour, and how unusual they were.

They also really loved the purple colour of her hair and clothes, and the long length of her hair, so they could style it.

Yasmina was fantastic as well for making creative shapes with, as it was fully poseable. Miss N who was 10 in particular loved this.

Bratzillaz™ Midnight Beach™  dolls are suitable for ages six years plus, priced at around £17.99, and available from all good toy retailers nationwide. I think this is a great price, for a very versatile, and unusual doll.



Bratz Boutique, Shop till you Drop : Review

| November 15, 2012 | 0 Comments
Bratz Boutique, Shop till you Drop : Review

Doll Role playing shopping

Another great idea, for Christmas, if you have a child who is a Bratz fan is the Bratz Boutique – suitable for children aged 6+.  The very cool thing is the packaging, actually becomes part of the shop too. Continue Reading