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Vintage Inspired Children’s Room

| September 30, 2013 | 8 Comments
Vintage Inspired Children’s Room

Well I Love Mondays is back, and if you are new to the blog, let me explain what it’s all about.

On a Monday, I publish a blog post, that includes some of the things that we love at The Ana Mum Diary.  I am trying to help get rid the Monday blues with beautiful things.  I will virtual shop for your every need. Perhaps introducing you to something that you haven’t ever seen or place you haven’t  been to before. You are in good hands, so sit back and grab yourself a cuppa.

Here in Nottingham  I have been making plans to declutter both of the my girls bedroom, calling it an clutter busting clean! I haven’t been neglecting looking online though, I have been looking at some lovely things to spring new life into children’s bedrooms.  Here is what I have found from Design Vintage. Continue Reading


Hotter Shoes : The Verdict (Review)

| June 11, 2013 | 15 Comments
Hotter Shoes : The Verdict (Review)

Review of Hotter Shoes photograph

If you would like to read my review of a Hotter Shoes Store, then click  HERE.

Now amongst my loves, I have a penchant for leather bags, and shoes. I like them to be good quality, and reflect me. Even in my childhood I loved good shoes, and bags.   I remember pleading with my Mum, to buy me a pair of beautiful patent red shoes (with matching bag) when I must have been 7 or 8 years old, like my life depended on it.  I love a slightly vintage but classic style, this is reflected I think even in the way I style my home.

I was asked if I would like to review some shoes from  Hotter Shoes – Carly  ‘Live, Love, Comfort and Style‘.  It was a new range on me, but I was intrigued to find out if they really were as comfortable as they claimed. The shoes I chose, I think have the kind of vintage, classic look to them I like, and I absolutely loved them when they arrived.

I’ve been wanting to use the Vine app for a while for a review, so here are my shoes on the move!

I do really struggle with shoes, I’m a size 8 and it looks like my girls have both inherited my large feet, as well as a high instep.  It takes me days of wearing, to break shoes in, and this always seems to result in blisters.  Don’t let on I told you, but when I lived at home, I used to ask my Dad, who was a size 9 to wear my shoes to break them in a little for me….

This is, hand on heart first pair of shoes that have not needed me to break them in.  I wore them for the first time on Saturday night, whist partaking in a glass of Prosecco with Penny from Alexander Residence, Jen from Love Chic Living and Annie from Mammasaurus, and the next day, I was blister free, and they hadn’t hurt me at all during the night. They are lovely soft leather, and have comfortable cushioning inside of them. It sounds dramatic but Hotter shoes, as a bit of a revelation to me, and I cant wait to buy another pair, I’m thinking heels or wedges next time.

Thank you for reading

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Design Vintage : I Love Mondays

| April 28, 2013 | 3 Comments
Design Vintage : I Love Mondays

I have a gorgeous I Love Mondays post for you this week.  It is both a online emporium and a store in Brighton.  Its full to the brim with vintage, furniture and accessories, together with modern pieces called Design Vintage.

Its the kind of site that I could really pore over, and looks like a must visit, if you are a lover of vintage and are ever down to Brighton.

I have three of my favourite picks I want to show you.  First up are these Industrial French Lockers :

Design Vintage Industrial Lockers


What a gorgeous colour they are , the handles are fully working and the paint is original too! Wouldn’t these look amazing in a hallway, so easy to keep everything in its place. Or even in a bedroom, they would really give a great vintage twist to a room. They are priced at £575


Vintage French Wine Rack Design Vintage


Or how about this vintage solid Oak French champagne rack.  They originate from the Champagne houses of France where they are used to store the champagne.  Traditionally, bottles are stored at this angle and turned on a daily basis (‘Riddling’) as part of the champagne process.

If I had any spare space in my Kitchen I would buy these in a flash, at £195 I think they are great value.  Design Vintage will even cut the rack to size for you if you would like it smaller.

And finally how about this

Dolly Tub Design Vintage


French Dolly Tubs were used as a wash tub.  They suggest that these are now great used as planters in the garden.  I’ve got to agree a standard would look amazing, especially one that had that some of the  greyish blue hue to it, like a lavender, or an olive tree. They would look beautiful.

So what do you think, would you like to add some vintage charm to your house?

Thank you for reading


I Love Mondays! Johnny Moustache

| January 7, 2013 | 7 Comments
I Love Mondays! Johnny Moustache

Johnny Moustache

Just in case you are new to the blog, this is a feature I write once a week, that includes some of the things that we love at The Ana Mum Diary.  I am trying to help rid the Monday blues with beautiful things.  I will virtual shop for your every need. Perhaps introducing you to something that you may have not seen or been to before. A must see site or new idea that I want to share with you.  You are in good hands, so sit back and grab yourself a cuppa.

I wanted to highlight to you today, a company that I found online last weekend, I have just fallen in love with.

Johnny Moustache

Based in the North East of England, they specialise in sourcing, and selling, genuine vintage and retro furniture. I even love name, Johnny Moustache just sounds so cool!

Johnny Moustache 1950s chair

1950’s Cocktail chair, only one available £445

Since we first started, we have always made it our aim to bring the best out of our finds, by undertaking sympathetic restoration where necessary  and reupholstering our sofas and chairs in high quality modern fabrics.

To create something special we have brought together a wonderful team of expert, time served upholsterers and restorers, who we work alongside to make sure that the end result on every one of our pieces is just right.

So whatever you find here that is right for you…. it will be ready for immediate use in your home; all the hard work has been done, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy it!

Johnny Moustache Chair

1950’s Cocktail chair : Currently a pair available £425 per chair

Just beautiful!

Thank you for reading


This is not a paid post, just brought to you, with Ana Mum Diary love!