Week #10 Of The 366 Photography Project

Its been a funny old week, as most of it I have been feeling really ill. However by Friday, I started to feel a little better. So though I struggled, I’m really happy with this weeks photographs.



I really want to take more photographs of me with the girls, as I am usually the one taking the photographs. I have a tripod now, so I am going to give it a go. Though I really hate having my photograph taken!


This is my favourite for this week, as I love this makes me think that they are going to be such good friends.

Duck Friends

I took this on the school run, it needed close cropping, but I really like it.


This was an experiment, as I was trying to practice a DOF shot. Which I love, but never seem to be able to achieve very well. I was so pleased I managed to do this. Homework was a bit fraught last week as well, so its lovely to have this as an image this week.

Meet Grandma

I was kindly sent Grandma Gladys in the post by John Crane , she is going to be joining us until the end of the summer.  I shall be using her in some of the photographs I post in my 366 project. This is on the day she arrived, relaxing whilst she watches some TV.  It’s only a bit of fun, and Miss A and Miss N are really looking forward to thinking of ideas of situations we can put her in.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

I was feeling so much more cheery today, begone you bugs!


I had to ask for advice on this one, as I took it without the two ladies knowledge. She was however on public land, and there is no commercial branding visible.  So after much debate, I decided to publish it. I see plenty of joggers, but I honestly have never seen Boxercise in public like this before. She then JOGGED away. I was so jealous!  Can I have a personal trainer please Tall Dad?

Thank you for reading


  1. says

    i really like the one of you and your daughter – its good that you want to be on more of the photos – i am usually the one behind the camera too. i also like the one of your two doing their homework . hope you are feeing better now x
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  2. says

    Glad you making an effort to get in more photos yourself, it’s so easy to go months without getting one isn’t it! Great shots, I love the boxercise ones, she looks like she’s very dedicated!

  3. Molly says

    You look gorgeous even when you are ill – love the photo of you and Miss A and her cheeky smile :) I love the personal trainer ones too (and glad you included them, makes me feel less guilty about my #asleeponthetrain ones!). So happy to hear you are feeling better, and I look forward to seeing more of Grandma Gladys and what she gets up to!

  4. Lucie B says

    Hope you’re all better! I love your favourite too this week. I too hate having my photos taken :(
    DoF photo is great – do you take your photos on the Aperture Priority mode? x

  5. jenny bowen says

    I agree with your favourite this week, but they are all great and well done for keeping with it despite being ill and everything else..

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