Baker Days…a cake in the post, a review

It was last week that I was nonchalantly going through my emails when I saw an offer that I could resist, from Baker Days.

Baker Days offer cakes that are small enough to slip through your letter box, but large enough to celebrate the biggest occasions.  They come in various sizes and many, many designs, an incredible 400 plus to choose from!

Well, I said yes, I would have been a fool not to, but didn’t hear anything else. The quite by surprise it arrived today.  It’s just so sweet, it arrived in a box, which once opened revealed a Baker Days tin, with a mini Christmas cracker.

Baker Days, letter box cake

It was in perfect condition, no dents or imperfections, even though it has been in the post.  The only thing I would say is the printing is a little blurred, but this may just be the process of printing on icing.

Baker Days Christmas Cake

I am just so delighted with it, and so impressed I am going to order a couple for my family this Christmas. I think they are very nifty idea.  Of course you can go for a more traditional design, but I’m all about the Brussels sprouts at Christmas time!!

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