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running shoesWhen I was asked by the Best British Bloggers, if I was interested in a health and fitness campaign in the new year, I knew I had to say yes.  In fact, you could almost say I snatched their hand off.  You see, I’m desperate to make a change, and if I can get any help and guidance, then that would be perfect.

They introduced me to a campaign called ‘Thank you Protein’ running at the moment, to be the face of the Maxitone brand.

What they are asking you to do is share your little wins and pledge your thank you to who, or whatever has helped you to reach your goal.

”Perhaps you’ve got your body confidence back thanks to your mum’s support, run 5k with the help of your best friend, or lost 10lbs to make your hubby’s jaw drop on your wedding. Or maybe you just want to say THANK YOU!”

You can Register your interest now, by following this link to the Maxitone page.

Why should you share your Thank You Protein Moment…

If you are successful will receive:

  • 1 years supply of Maxitone products
  • 1 years gym membership at their local LA fitness gym
  • Private training session with Charlotte Ord
  • Being the face of Maxitone 2013 Advertising campaign

A fab list of prizes! Entries are being taken from the 7th January 2013, And you can register your interest NOW! 

Maxitone pack

Have a look at the site, there’s lots of very helpful information, including workouts you can do in your home, as well beginners guides to running.

My new habit will be to increase my exercise each day. I have been given a fantastic pack by Best British Blogger as an incentive :

Fitness 2013 exercise

As well as an iTunes voucher and a subscription to Zest magazine. I am feeling confident that this will just the incentive I need.

I’ve invested in a new pair of trainers and a Davina DVD, to help me on my way too. Do you know, I have never owned a pair of proper trainers! So this should certainly help me.

Update: As this is due to be posted on the 2nd of January, I thought I would confirm, I have worked out twice so far, TWICE! I’ve started off slow, but been following some of the ideas on the site and I am so pleased with myself.  Next week, I hope to start the DVD that I have bought, which is much more intense.

I hope that in a month or twos time, I will be writing a post saying thank you to Best British Blogger, Maxitone and Davina….watch this space!

Thank you for reading

Disclaimer: All of the items pictured in this post (not the trainers) were given to me, as a fitness incentive.  I will also receive a Zest Magazine subscription.




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