Practical Tips for the Home: Bathroom Plumbing

Practical Tips for the Home: Bathroom Plumbing


This is a guest post, provided in collaboration with Dyno Rod.

It’s not unknown to find a rogue baby wipe clogging up the U-bend of the toilet, or a build-up of hair causing issues in the plughole – especially when you’re part of a bigger family who will inevitably be putting more strain on the bathrooms.

Unblocking toilets and clearing drains don’t always require jetting services to blitz the blockage from further down the pipes. Many issues are easily accessible and can be cleared up with a little elbow grease.

While unblocking the shower could be a little more problematic because of accessibility issues, many of the problems lie just below the plughole. Debris and grime can get caught up in the plug and once that’s removed, you’re plain sailing again.

Shower heads should be cleaned regularly, by being unscrewed and left to soak in a vinegar solution. This will help to limit the limescale build-up and reduce the chance of bigger problems.

Invest in a plunger so that you can unblock toilets without having to go elbow deep in the U-bend. While a plunger doesn’t always shift the issue, it can certainly help. Make sure you have a pair of rubber gloves on hand, too.

Unblocking sinks can be done in various steps. Start by trying to plunge the problem. If that doesn’t work, pour some baking soda down the plughole, followed by some vinegar. The reaction between the two should dislodge the issue. Alternatively, leave some bleach in the plughole overnight.

Help to prevent these issues by pouring some boiling water down the plugholes in your home once a week – a full kettle per sink will work wonders in preventing the build-up of dirt and grime.

Bathroom plumbing isn’t as complicated as it sounds. With a little know-how, you could avoid call-out fees as much as possible, leaving the emergency plumber on hand for the times you actually need him.


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    Great advise. You don’t always need to call out a plumber but if you do, make sure they are experienced and qualified. Good for you if you manage to sort the problem out yourself and save a bit of money.

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    There are some great tips here and they are easy enough for anyone with a bit of sense to manage. Speaking as a plumber myself, and I have been one for many many years, we do get frustrated at call-outs that end up taking 2 minutes to fix as they are simply a case of a blocked sink because of hair and other things that really shouldn’t be there. Then we have to listen to the grumbles when the customer has to pay the bill! Most plumbers have plenty of work to keep them busy without these kinds of jobs that every householder should be able to attend to if they just do a little research.

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