Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack: A Review

| July 24, 2013 | 4 Comments

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We were given the opportunity at The Ana Mum Diary, to review the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack before the movie came out.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to welcome Miss N my eldest daughter (aged 10) to guest post on the blog, with what she thinks.

Time for a Miss N takeover! ;)

Today I’m going to be doing a review of the new Teen Beach Movie soundtrack. I’ll start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the Teen Beach Movie premier on Friday (19th July) I’ve already watched it again, and will be watching it even more throughout the summer holiday’s.

All the songs in the album were great, and I definitely have them all stuck in my head, they are so catchy!   All the songs in the album made me want to get up and dance, as they were all so up beat. The film starts in the modern day world, until Brady and Mack surf a strangely big wave and are transported into an old movie. That explains why most of the songs are quite retro and 50′s sounding, and make you want to do the Jitterbug!

I’m going to write about some of my favourite songs.

The first one is ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ This one really got me exited. I was watching it with a friend and we straight away got up and danced around. It’s really upbeat and exiting and is a must have song for the summer.

Another one of my favourites is ‘Can’t Stop Singing’. Because Brady and Mack have been in the movie so long they suddenly start singing everything, as the characters in the movie do.  Brady loves it, and tries to enjoy all the singing and dancing but all Mack wants is for it to stop so she can get home.  This song is really one to sing along to and has a really nice melody and I like the different selection of melodies put into the one song.

This soundtrack is just full of must have summer songs and is definitely worth every penny you pay. Each of the songs has originality and vibe and I will definitely be using this soundtrack at my birthday party in the summer! Surprisingly, it’s good for all ages. In fact, I did a little test on some of my family members on what they thought on the album.

First up is Miss A(4) who has always loved Disney Movies, and is extremely exited about talking about it on the blog. Miss A’s favourite song is ‘Can’t Stop Singing’ She likes the choreography (dance moves) in it. Her favourite characters are Mack, Brady and Giggles. She likes singing to the album and coming up with dance moves to the different songs.

Next up is Amanda (my mum). She thought the songs(and the whole movie) reminded her of  a mix between Greece and West Side Story. Her favourite song was ‘Falling For Ya’ (also one of my favourites’. In fact, some of the songs made her get up and do the Charleston. #embarrassingmum

And finally, ME!  The songs in this movie get me really exited, and are a great selection of songs. They all contain originality and all make me smile. I really don’t have a favourite, they all are incredible songs with lots of personality.

Thank you for reading and check this space and my blog ‘Me and The Big World‘ for more posts over the holidays!


Miss N xox


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  1. Dominique says:

    Hey Miss N I’m glad your Mum’s still got her Charleston moves! I remember her teaching them to me when we were in the changing rooms at school not much older than you are now :)

  2. Chez says:

    Thanks for that Niamh! Really can’t wait to see it ourselves! Just wish you had filmed mum doing her charlston Moves he he xx

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