Quick and Easy Fathers Day Card : Cricut Explore

We make all of ours cards at the Ana Mum Diary house, well the girls make them really. Gorgeous handmade cards, lovely reminders of how my children are growing up, as their drawings and writing changes over time. I’ve always preferred things that are home-made when it comes to cards and gift tags.  I’ve written before about making my own before HERE and HERE.  

So I thought it would be fun to make a couple of Fathers Day cards with the girls using the Cricut Explore.  To be honest, they’ve both been desperate to see how it works, as I’ve only used it whilst they’ve been at school so far.

Fathers Day Card

So we simply took some plain cream cards.  I buy mine from either Hobby Craft or The Range, at around £5 for a large pack of between 25/50 cards depending on the design and size.

We used the Cricut design space to write ‘Happy Fathers Day’ placing the card on sticky mat open, you also need to remeber to reverse the wording, so that its looks correct once you re-fold it.

We then added some coloured paper behind the wording.  Using double sided tape to stick it so it looked neat. We used black card on one of the cards, and on the other I used a gorgeous wallpaper I’d been sent a sample of Erica Wakerly : Screwed Up.  It’s black and silver, which gives the card a 3D effect, as I would if it was on the wall.


So there you have it, two simple but effective Fathers Day cards.


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