Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood

Fun,  laughter, picnics, learning new things, tree climbing,  jumping and even more laughter that’s what our day at Sudbury Hall was all about yesterday. Here in photographs is our day :



The girls had an inset day so my BF Claire (and her daughter) and I used our National Trust memberships to visit Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood

The Sudbury grounds have a wooded play area, close to the hall.


We went there after lunch, to burn off some energy, before visiting the museum.  As it was Monday it wasn’t very busy so we had the place to ourselves really.

They all had great fun, it was a lovely safe place to play. Really well maintained.



With trees to climb, and lots of apparatus, all made from wood it blended really well into the surrounding landscape.DSC_0947

That’s an impressive jump there Nia!



Before I forget, Claire and I can definitely recommend this as a picnic apéritif! 😉




So many places in the grounds to stop, take photographs and enjoy the view.DSC_0091

We took advantage of this huge bench to take some photographs, which was, towards the rear of the main house.





I think this photo kinda sums up Claire and I nicely!


The Museum of Childhood we would definitely recommend, whether it is to relive your memories, which Claire and I did a lot as we were walking around, or for the children to discover and learn new things.  The staff were so friendly and always engaging with the children.

 …exploring the childhoods of times gone by, make stories, play with toys and share your childhood with others. You can be a chimney sweep, a scullion or a Victorian pupil, and be captivated by our archive film and interactive displays.

Whilst we were in the museum, the children loved looking at all of the toys.  In the story time area, they donned masks and costumes and put on a show.  This was the finale of the show, I just love this photo.



So in the four/five hours we were there, we visited the museum and the grounds, had a picnic and went to the tea and gift shop, then it was unfortunately time to go.  I think to really enjoy the museum, children would need to be 4+, but there is fun to be had if they are younger, in the play areas outside and in the museum. We didn’t get to visit the hall, as its closed on a Monday,  but we will next time.



We’ll definitely be back though!




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    Such lovely photos and what a lovely way to preserve memories of what looked to be a really lovely day. I must catch up with my friends more and a visit to somewhere like this with the kids would be great. Might see if I can arrange something now…thaanks for the idea x


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