Easter at John Lewis

We are so lucky living in Nottingham, as we have a fantastic John Lewis on our doorstep. We love the whole ethos behind John Lewis, and are regular customers.  So when Miss N (9) and I were very kindly asked to go Easter egg tasting, and for a tour of our local John Lewis we of course didn’t hesitate.  I am going to do a further post that covers more about our tour and some of the fantastic services that John Lewis provide, next week. I was blown away, so think it deserves a dedicated post.

This is all about the amazing things that John Lewis have for Easter.  I did a poll, with my friends, and the majority of them have Easter parties and/or Easter egg hunts. We actually go to two, one at grandparents and at a really good friends house. So we are always looking for both Easter gifts or decoration ideas.

John Lewis are outstanding, hand on heart I don’t think you could find a better selection of Easter goodies anywhere. As we wandered around and saw all the spring and ice cream like colours, it really got me Miss N and I in the mood for Easter.

Look at this for a beautiful Easter wreath (£18), that you could bring out every year and use throughout spring:

Easter Wreath

Or these Easter Egg paper lanterns (£2.50) which were still available in store when we visited.

Or how about this for a gorgeous gift for a child:


If you are not going to host your own Easter egg hunt why don’t you go to the Nottingham John Lewis’ Spring Celebration weekend 6-9 April. The store will come alive with spring treats. There’ll be exclusive offers, product demonstrations and free gifts, plus 7 luxury prizes to be won when you take part in the Easter egg hunt. If you don’t live near a John Lewis store, be sure to visit the site on the 4th April for more details of an online hunt 😉

OK, so on to the chocolate tasting:

We were given one of the Easter egg heads for £12 that you can decorate yourself, and Hotel Chocolat Egg and Soldiers priced a £7.50.

I have reviewed Hotel Chocolat before, and they never disappoint.  Not only are the chocolates delicious but they are imaginative, and have a real humour behind their concept. I would be delighted to receive them as a gift any time of year.

It was Miss N (9) and Miss A’s (2)  job to review the egg:

It was really simple to do, included is a pot of ‘glue’ which is a chocolate fudge and really sticky, but it gives you plenty of time to move things around.

We used plastic spoons to apply.

Perfect for lots of age groups, both of my girls enjoyed the activity and were able to work together.

Miss N delighted with herself!

The Verdict?

It was a fantastic activity to do, and very easy to complete. I love that it was even on a stand in the packaging, so it stood up as you decorated. It tasted delicious, and Tall Dad and Miss N commented that it was fantastic quality chocolate too!

So whats stopping you, get yourself down to your nearest John Lewis and see all the Easter treats!

Thank you for reading





Disclaimer: I was given the basket and the chocolate we reviewed as a thank you for coming to the store. The thoughts expressed and words however are my own.
A huge thank you to Louise Law, one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic partners of John Lewis I think you could ever meet. It really was a great pleasure to meet you. And Becky at Baby Budgeting, for her continuing support to me on my blogging journey, a great friend!


  1. Molly says

    The displays in John Lewis look fantastic. I’m still waiting for our Exeter branch to be finished and open – can’t wait. (John Lewis if you are reading – I will happily be your Exeter Easter Egg tester, any time ;)) Your girls did a fantastic job with Mr Egg Head – love the photos xx

    • Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary) says

      The display are just impeccable. We had a great time looking around all of the new ranges. Look out next week, with some more info on JL services :)


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