Little Granddad: Vintage Glass

I wrote in a previous post about my Little Granddad, who was in fact my Great Granddad.  He was very, very special to me, I remember that he bought me a Harmonica (much to my Mum and Dads delight ;)) which I adored.  I played it all the time, in my head I was a fantastic player. In reality it must have been a terrible din!

I once (I think I was around 4) ran away from home…well I ran all the way around the corner to his house anyway. That seems so young, doesn’t it?  I can’t imagine how worried everyone must have been.  I’m not even sure why I did it.

My Mum always describes all of his kitchen cupboards as being full of sugar and condensed milk. I think a reminder of days of rationing and so condensed milk always reminds me of him.

I was still very young, just 5 when he died.  Though I remember that I was upset, I have a vague memory of having a special photograph of him in my bed at night.  What I don’t remember, is that I lost some of my hair. A small patch of it, I suppose through the stress of it all.

little grandad

I wanted to give you this background so that you I could try to convey the importance of my mum giving me two pieces this week that were my Little Granddad’s.

The light is terrible at the moment, so I have just put them here to shoot them.

Vintage Glass

Two vintage glass pieces. The first being a square glass serving tray. I think it is cut glass rather than pressed. I don’t think I will use it for food, but I’m undecided. I like the idea of using it to display things, so its out all the time. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

vintage glass

The small item to the right, is a sauce boat. I think it should have a glass stand too. I remember this so vividly.  It always sat on our table when we had Sunday Lunch, filled with Mint sauce that had been watered down with vinegar.  Does everyone do this, or just our family?  This I will definitely use as a mint sauce server.

So this is my Magpie Monday treasure, pre-loved but by my own family.

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  1. lauren lewis says

    Do you know how to play harmonica? Wow! That’s great. I want to learn other musical instrument beside piano and guitar.

  2. says

    What a lovely post! It’s lovely that you have such fond memories of your Great Grandad and even more lovely that you have a couple of his things to remind you of him.

    Maybe the glass tray could be use for jewelery? One of my friends uses something similar to house her everyday nic naks e.g. house keys, perfume, jewelery. That way the tray would be used and loved everyday.

    Madison xxx
    Madison recently posted..Vintage Easter SwapMy Profile

  3. says

    What wonderful memories. This post has given me a little tear, remembering my grandads too.

    How wonderful to have some of his things to remember him by.

    I think you’re right about using the plate to display things – how about jewellery on your dressing table? So much nicer than pickled onions!!

    PS we do that with mint sauce too! x
    Liz Burton recently posted..Magpie Monday – Make and DoMy Profile

  4. says

    Ah, beautiful, beautiful post. The thought of your little five year old self losing some hair with the tragedy of losing your grandad makes my heart heavy :(
    How lovely that you have some things of his that you remember, they are beautiful. I agree with the others- filling the tray with your treasures would be lovely.

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Awh, didn’t men to make you sad. He was so kind to me. I feel so happy that I have these pieces To remember him by :)

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Yes, I’m going to I think. I did consider putting it away, but would love to have it out as a memory. thank you x

  5. Molly says

    I’m feeling a little left out, as I don’t think we ever even had a bottle of vinegar in the house when growing up, let alone watering down mint sauce with it. Obviously a deprived childhood!
    I LOVE the photo of you and your mum with Little Grandad, and can imagine how special it is to have some of his things – looks like lovely heavy glass. I hope you find a good use for them (I would be boring and use them for food, but lots of fab ideas from others) x
    Molly recently posted..Magpie Monday: DisgraceMy Profile

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Was it white vinegar though in Ireland, I don’t think that would have the same taste. I am a vinegar connoisseur after all. The tray is really heavy!

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