Commentluv: The Best Damn Plugin EVER?

As we are nearing day zero (Cybher day) the nerves and excitement are at fever pitch! My sponsor for the event is the very clever Andy Bailey from Commentluv. I just can’t begin to tell you how proud I am to have secured such a cool and dare I say geeky sponsor to the event.  Where the tag line to this uber event is ‘geek is the new chic’, I think I scored big time!

Cybher 2012

So, after ruminating over why it is that I love Commentluv so much. I decided to write a post, so I could explain and introduce a few of the key features that I love.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a technical Commentluv expert, but I know a man who is 😉

First of all let me explain that there are two versions of this plug-in, the free version. This is the one I started out on, and the paid for version. I’m going to take the main feature, being the commenting first, then look at the merits of the premium version.

Commenting and backlinks (The Commentluv way)

The whole backlink debate is a hot topic at the moment, as well as bloggers receiving less and less comments. Whether you are hung up on getting backlinks, or not.  This plugin is a fantastic way to give them back to commenters. This was a big reason I went with it originally. And this is one ‘do-follow’ backlink that google is not going to penalise you for. However, the feature I love the most is that if the commenter leaves their URL, then you can give a reciprocal comment.  It’s just so simple!

I find Discus, clumsy and very slow loading, even on fast sites. I, so far have not been asked to put in my blog URL on Discus, so in my opinion it doesn’t help when trying to build a commenting community.

Here are a few questions that I was asked about commenting on Commentluv:

But I know who my commenter’s are, well I think I do?

This is what I find really frustrating with other systems. I’m @gidders1 on twitter and so is my google account. I comment on a wide range of parenting, vintage and craft blogs, I’d say 75% don’t have an option to add my URL. It just makes complete sense to me, for this to be an option that you give your readers when they comment.  You get to learn more about the person who is commenting, because you then visit their blog, or an individual post.  You also build up a relationship, and as I previously mention a commenting community.

Think BIG! Though more than half of my views are from the UK, I get lots of unique visitors and commenter’s from further afield. I love looking at their blogs and discovering new ideas. Do you think big?

Sometimes Commentluv doesn’t work?

I’ve been using Commentluv for several months now, and not had a problem. But two nights ago, I set myself a challenge to comment on 10 or more Commentluv enabled blogs, to see if I got any errors.  I didn’t, however, on a couple of sites, that were extremely slow loading, so I also found the Commentluv slow to load.  So I think the issue may be with the streaming of the blog?

But I’m on blogger, I can’t have Commentluv, can I?

Here is what the Commentluv site says:

 A lot of people use Blogspot or Blogger blogs and they want to share the luv too!

Intense debate is a free commenting system by Automattic (the people behind wordpress). It works on most blogging platforms and can transform the way you debate on your blog.

Commentluv is now available as an IntenseDebate plugin and can be activated through your IntenseDebate dashboard.

I’m seeing a lot more people use intense debate and it definitely something I will be investigating.  I think @Nickie72 said she didn’t like the system, but would like to use Commentluv on blogger. I’m not sure if this is possible, or in the pipeline, so I will pose this question to Andy.

Commentluv (Premium)

So why go for the premium version of Commentluv?

You definitely need to weigh up the cost compared to what you receive:

  • Integrated anti spam measures that prevent almost 100% of botspam
  • Dofollow readers links with advanced rules so you look after your most loyal readers
  • Unique social enticements which helps your posts to go viral on Twitter, facebook and Google+
  • Integrated twitterlink functions to allow readers to leave their twitter names on comments
  • Improved version of Keywordluv with much tighter control over who gets to use keywords
  • Integrates trackback validation with improved heuristics
  • Exclusive top commentators widget with advanced display control
  • Dashboard and advanced stats that show you where your links are getting clicked
  • Free updates for life using the easy one click automatic update system
  • more being added all the time!

Why buy it?

Because Commentluv premium has all these plugins integrated to itself.

This means that you can drop 8 plugins from your WordPress blog for one plugin – This is great for your blog’s speed.

I was shocked, by how little spam I get since down loading the premium version!

So I hope that I have included all of the points that I was asked to.  If you have any further question, or more technical questions, please let me know.

Lets build this commenting community!


  1. Jenny Bowen says

    Hi .. Im not a blogger, but I follow @gidders through twitter, and then read your blogs. They are varied and fun and interesting. I am not surprised that commentluv jumped at the chance of sponsering you. This is a great post, even though I dont blog. Have a great time at cybher…

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      An amazing sponsor! So pleased you’ve downloaded, can’t wait to hear what you think!

  2. says

    Amazing Amanda :)) Congrats again on such a cool sponsor!

    Andy, could I please ask if Commentluv is suitable for me? I have Blogger but currently use Disqus. I’m scared of losing all my comments – will they be OK? (sorry for my lack of technical know-how!)
    Tracy recently posted..Pregnancy OddnessMy Profile

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      Way cool 😀 I think this is one for Andy, as I’ve never used discus. I have read a thread on it recently. I’m sure, from someone saying it was possible, but I’m sure Andy will technically know :)

    • says

      according to disqus, they store your comments on your blogger blog so they should (in theory) remain when you change to intensedebate but the thing with blogger is, it is not hosted on your own server so there’s no guarantees as to what might happen.

      I think (but don’t sue me if it isn’t!) that you can remove disqus and put intensedebate it and if things don’t go as you like, you can remove intensedebate and put disqus back on and it should go back to how you had it.

      only one way to find out!…
      Andy Bailey recently posted..CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

      • says

        Thank you Andy! I’ll have a go (I promise I won’t sue ;P) To be honest, Disqus didn’t export/import all my comments anyway – there were a few stragglers. So I’ll see what happens. Thank you.

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      I think it’s your blog, where I first used commentluv, Susan. I agree, this is a fantastic feature!

  3. says

    I’m a big fan of comment luv & have had it on my blog since I first started. I haven’t gone for the premium version partly because I don’t really understand the keywords bit of it. Only just starting to get my head round SEO.
    Erica Price recently posted..Review: Mike the KnightMy Profile

    • Amanda Cottingham says

      I know Erica, it’s a real learning curve. I have not used the keyword part of my plugin so far. But as I understand it. Once you download the plugin, you have a section on your dashboard, where you can set keywords up, and for those keywords you receive backlinks. Thanks for the comment x

  4. Phil says

    This is a great post and for me a very timely one. I am fairly new to CommentLuv, dived straight in and got the Premium version and still working through the settings. I have read a lot of opinion and although I have not been using it long I can already agree with much that you say.

    My blog comments have certainly increased and the interaction with readers has been a welcome addition to my photography blog.

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge so freely, thank you.
    Phil recently posted..Wise Words Top 10 Inspirational QuotesMy Profile


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