Ideas to add colour and a retro feel to my kitchen

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Following on from an interview last week with a magazine about kitchen utensils that I own, and iconic brands that I use.  I took a step back and looked at my kitchen and began to wonder if it really reflects who I, and my family are.  The kitchen for us is the hub of the home,  because it has seating and a TV in there too, we could pretty much live in that one room.  It’s automatically where we would sit down and have a coffee when we invite friends over too.

We have a big table in the centre, where we eat and share the day. However, when I look at it decoration wise it is very plain, with hardly any splashes of colour. Does it really reflect our personalities?

As you can see from the above photograph we have white walls, on the opposite end a few black and white family photographs and black granite counter-tops.  With simple oak shaker style kitchen cabinets, similar to ones you can find at Broadway Kitchens Direct.  When we chose the kitchen cabinets we made a conscious decision to choose something that could be adapted as our style and our taste developed.  That was definitely the right decision for us, as it will increase the longevity of our kitchen.  We have had it for 5 years now, and I think it is time to make some changes.

So here are two ideas that I have had, to add a little retro styling, by adding splashes of colour around the room it will add the life to our kitchen that it really needs now.

Open Shelves

Source: via Titti on Pinterest

As in the above image, open shelving whether it is a whole cabinet or just one shelf, can really add interest to a kitchen.  Why not add your favourite, nostalgic and colourful items, its such a shame to have them stashed in the back of the cupboards. It can also help to free up a little extra cupboard space.  My only issue with this is not to overcrowd, and keep it looking tidy, as no one wants to look at it, if its jumbled up and messy.



It amazing really how much colour you can get in kitchen accessories now. Bright and bold colours for kettles and toasters, and companies such as Joseph Joseph seem to leading the way especially if you have a small kitchen, their pieces are so stylish and colourful you will want to leave them out!

Or how about mixing and matching different colours with tea and coffee canisters.  I have a huge love for the retro style of Orla Keily that you can see above, and by grouping different designs and colours, but similar accessories it really can add impact.  This is a great excuse to buy a couple more of my favourite designers kitchen accessories.

So that’s how I am planning to add colour and a retro feel to my kitchen.  Do you have any other ideas?

Thank you for reading

Ideas for a Colourful Retro Kitchen



  1. says

    I think your kitchen looks great already!

    As you mention, accessories are a great way to freshen things up a little, without having to spend a fortune.

    There are some sylish, bright coloured kettles available now, in both modern and retro designs.

  2. Max says

    There is a vast variety of kitchen accessories. By utilizing the right accessories you can definitely make your kitchen more stylish and colorful.

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