Hot, Hot, Hot : Ashes Mascot for the Day #Ashes

Miss N The Ashes, Mascot, coin toss

We are all very excited (especially Tall Dad) that Miss N (10 years old) is going to be the mascot on the opening day of The Ashes at Trent Bridge Nottingham.  So this Wednesday she will get to the Trent Bridge ground and be given an England t-shirt and cap.  She will then warm up with the players. Miss N (filmed by Sky TV) will also go out with both captains for the coin toss, to start  The Ashes.  Tall Dad, as a life long cricket supporter and player, could not be more proud!


Golf 3D

So watch this space….and Sky TV (!!) at 10.30 in the morning, on Wednesday 10th July.  You can also follow Miss N on Instagram HERE for live photo updates.  Hopefully I will have lots of photographs and maybe a few tales to share too on the blog.

In the mean time, I would love to share with you this photograph, that was sent to me by my lovely local John Lewis store.

The ‘knitters’ are Sally Jaine, Sara Thornet and Julia Stableford, who work in the Haberdashery department in John Lewis Nottingham. They are all keen knitters who are passionate about their work and can often be found helping our customers with all sorts of knitting enquiries.

The Ashes, Trent Bridge JL

Julia created the accessories using patterns for adult size clothing and shrinking them, for example, the cricket helmet was adapted from a winter wooly hat pattern. The attention to detail is amazing, their jumpers (knitted by Sara) have a subtle cable knit just as a real cricket jumper would have. The photos were taken by Jemma Cox in-front of the iconic Members Pavilion at Trent Bridge.
 Fab isnt it?

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