Ana Snapshot : The BBB Edit Box

BBB Edit Box

I was so lucky last week, to get my name down for the THE best beauty box, I have ever seen! It sold like hot cakes, averaging at one, every one and half minutes, until they all were gone in under 5 hours.  So I have dedicated today’s snapshot to it.  Guess what I am going to playing with for next few days?

The British Beauty Blogger (BBB) really has surpassed all of my expectations with this.  Handpicking all her favourite beauty products, there are a couple of my favourites in there too, but lots I haven’t tried before.

I’m not sure I even want to tell you all (as I don’t want to miss out next time) but The BBB will be doing a Christmas edition in November time. I can’t wait see what winter items she come up with. This first box was priced at £15 plus p&p at £4.55, an absolute bargain!

So watch this space, as I try all these lovely products, I shall let you know which ones I love.

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