Miss A’s First Day at Primary School

Miss A

She woke up unbelievably excited, and we got up ridiculously early really. I had already explained that she was due in after lunchtime (she is doing three half days to begin with) so she pleaded with me all morning to have a sandwich. By 11 I couldn’t take it any longer and relented, so by 11.15 she was ready to get changed and have a few photographs taken in her new uniform.  I think she told me 4 or 5 times that morning that she loved me, and that she will miss me, so she was definitely a little nervous too.

Back to school first day

I cant wait to dig out all of Miss N’s first photographs, so I can compare them.  I got a little emotional as I saw her in her uniform, I found that bit quite hard, but didn’t want to let on to her, so hope I hid it well.  How can a child look so suddenly grown up and yet, look far too young to start school too, very mixed emotions!

first day : Back to school

When Miss N (now nearly 11) started school I took her photo in front of this very fireplace.  We had just moved in though, and it looked very different, but the memories came flooding back. When we went to pick her up and we asked her if she had had a good day, she replied ”Nah, its really tiring” she is is so contrary!

We are three days in, and she is waking with the same enthusiasm each day, however when picked up she is very, very tired.  I think that might be because she is doing afternoons though rather than mornings? So, so far so good though, and she when she woke up this morning, she got upset and the thought she might not be able to go because it was raining!

Well, let see what next week brings.  I hope that if any of my readers have had little ones start school that it has gone well, its a nerve wreaking time, and don’t get me started on the whole secondary school thing eek!

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  1. Jenny Cottingham says

    Looks like you are all doing so well this week! I cannot believe how quickly both of your and Tall dads beautiful daughters are growing up!! Love to you all xxxx

  2. Chezza says

    Ahhhhhhh – love her hands on her hips!!! She looks soooooo grown up. They never stop melting your heart hey! Bless her. Not sure if its easier when they take it all in their stride or cling to you??? Anyway glad YOU were a big girl and coped well!!!

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