The Dark Knight Rises : Review

The Dark Knight RisesI love a superhero movie, I always have, from watching Superman when I was very young, or Wonder women on TV to X Men, and the Avengers movies of the current day. I think it’s the pure escapism that they provide. The beyond reality that you almost wish was true.

Batman in the Dark Knight Rises definitely provides all that, but its a superhero movie that has grown up. Its dark and moody and compelling.  This movie is the third and final one in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy starring Christian Bale. It almost isn’t a superhero movie in many respects, as Batman really doesn’t appear for such a long time, and when he does he is unsure of his place and appears broken by the past.  He is more a symbol to the people of Gotham, a misunderstood symbol which is a common thread in this genre.

You see, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has been holed up at the mansion, for 8 years.  well as someone who lives in Nottingham I wouldn’t mind being a millionaire recluse, at Wayne Manor, aka Wollaton Hall where it was filmed, it a beautiful imposing building in gorgeous grounds, but maybe I’m bias.

Que Selena played by Anne Hathaway, the stunningly beautiful Catwomen character, who steals a pearl necklace owned by Bruce’s mother. Which tempts him out of his hiding place.  I loved this character, and think she seemed to provide just enough light and frivolity  that the film needed.

The other character that was mightily impressive was the unrecognisable Tom Hardy, who played Bane. An enormous Ox like man, born in a hellish hole like prison, who has a strange breathing device attached to his head.  I love Tom Hardy, it must have been a very strange film to act in, as he was acting entirely with his body and mechanic sounding voice, as no facial expression could be seen.  He was fabulous though, and I loved that I found him so compelling and hypnotic whenever he was on screen.

I would highly recommend this movie, it is very dark and broody, and yes Batman, still has the annoying voice, but the story, and the filming of it, is epic like in proportions and we loved it!

The Dark Knight Rises : Available in many formats, I received a copy of it on Blu ray, which can be bought for approximately £15 at places like Amazon and Tesco.

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Disclosure : I was given a copy of The Dark Knight Rises, this has not influenced my review though.



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