World Book Day : Dress as a book character

Each year, we try to think of an inventive way of Miss N to dress up as a book character, for World Book Day.  It’s getting trickier as she get older.  At 10, there is a very big emphasis on the outfit and character being ‘cool’.

I also, like the outfit to be easy and affordable, I do not really want to get into the whole competitive parenting thing. It should be something they want to dress in, in my opinion, and be about encouraging your child to read.

This year, we decided on the character Katniss Everdeen from the Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy.  A fantastic story, and we hoped a simple but effective character to get right.

Miss N, made a side ponytail to her hair, keeping it low and a little messy.

World Book Day : Dress as a book Character

We purchased a Mockingjay Pin, from eBay for £2.99.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay PinThis we thought was essential as either the pin, or the Mockingjay, play an important role throughout the books.

Miss N, them went for a simple black top and trousers, to complete the look. You could add a brown belt to the waist too.

Katniss Everdeen World Book Day

You could also add a bow and arrow, if you wanted to, and a pair of knee high boots to complete the look.

Dress as a book Character, Katniss Everdeen

On the day, she will carry, a small plain backpack, and put a little dark colour under her eyes, to look as if she has been surviving on little sleep, but essentially that’s it. So simple, Miss N is very happy, and so am I.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Thank you for reading


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  1. Viv says

    Brilliant idea! I dread these dress up days, but this is a sure easy one and will be popular too. Thanks and love the blog!


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