School Gate Style : How to Tackle the High Street



Any mum knows that motherhood is one of life’s busiest jobs. Between school runs, cooking meals, washing uniforms and entertaining little ones, there simply isn’t much time for browsing the shops at leisure; one needs to go where to go for what pre-shopping spree. Further, being a mum brings with it expenses, meaning that many are familiar with working with a budget when it comes to clothes.

When people think ‘shopping on the high street’, they think ‘cheaper than designer’; but when looking for bargains on the high street it is important to be aware of where to shop; simply avoiding designers doesn’t necessarily mean budget outfits. Take, for example, Topshop. The big boy of high street fashion has gotten gradually more and more expensive over the past few years, and what’s more, its clothes have gotten more and more high fashion, less and less stylish casual wear. Whilst good for party buys and treats, it might be a good idea to consider somewhere like H&M for more day-to-day outfits.

H&M offers stylish basics such as jeans, leggings, blouses and jackets for a much cheaper price than Topshop. Their adult range (they do teen too) is great for outfits that you want to pick the kids up in.

The next store I come to is one that many avoid more than the plague. On a Saturday afternoon the shop floor in this mega money saver is positively riotous. Cheap tops are flung and fought over, bags and shoes are littered across the floor, and the great shopping public start to resemble a pack of animals that have escaped from the zoo. Of course, I can only be talking about Primark. However, Luxe Models is a firm believer in the cheap fashion supplier, and is here to tell you that you can have a pleasant shopping trip at Primarni. The key is to pick the right time. A Monday morning after the school run is the perfect opportunity. The clothes from Primark are what they are: cheap but on trend. They may not last very long, but you can buy them in ample supply. Currently they have some fantastic maxi dresses and skirts as part of their range, which are easy to dress up and dress down.

For high street items that you want to last, it’s best to hit shops like Zara and Gap. Many of their items exude ‘timeless classic’, and they are of a quality that will last for years. So, there you have it, a little guide to the high street for all of your school gate style needs. When it comes to high street it’s all about maximising your money’s potential. If you want a dressy one-off outfit, Primark’s your gal, but if you want that perfect pair of jeans that you’ll wear to many a school run without wearing out the knees, Gap’s a better option. Think smart, and you can have a wonderful, on-trend wardrobe!



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