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Make It Happen : Summer Goals

Do you remember just over a month ago, I shared with you some of my goals as part of my collaboration with the Post-it brand and Katie Piper?  You can read that post HERE. Well it's time to look at those goals, and see if I made any headway with them. 'Dream big and reach for the stars.' & ... read more

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Graham and Brown : Precious

I've mentioned before that I am an ambassador for Graham and Brown, and each month we are given a challenge to write about.  This month is one very close to my decorative heart : Precious! “Precious is an appreciation for all things vintage and antique. Whether you are redecorating, buying a few ... read more

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Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Image source : House to Home Todays post is all about intergrated appliances in the kitchen.  The advancement in technology has meant that these machines are becoming more and more itelligent, and able to provide real life solutions to everyday problems.  Using integrated kitchen ... read more