Cyprus Salad

Simple Cyprus Salad #MyHolidayDish

Cyprus is such a fantastic place for fresh produce, we tried some gorgeous things whilst we were over there recently, on a James Villas holiday.  I shared with you on my collaborative travel blog We Blog Travel, some of the things we found and ate. So I wanted to share with you today, the most ... read more

wren kitchens

Personal Loans V’s Payday Loans

I think at some point in our life we have all taken a loan out of some description. The thing to do I think, when you are talking about anything financial is to do your research and get some proper advice. It might be that you want to put all of that credit card debt into one pot, you need a new ... read more

Villa Holiday

Why Choose A Villa for a Family Holiday?

Terrace area, pool, outside eating and sunbathing We have never done a villa holiday before.  Well we have, but those were in Orlando, so quite different I think to a villa holiday in Europe, which is where we have just come back from with James Villas. We had simply the best holiday.  I think it ... read more

Family time in the park

How do you exercise?

Well this summer has been an amazing one so far. Spending lots of time with my family. The trip to Cyprus we have just come back from was fantastic. We ate, drank and were definitely merry.  The only exercise being the days we spent in the pool. Which actually now I come to think of it, it was great ... read more

Instagram Giveaway

Instagram Giveaway

Having just come back from my holiday to Cyprus, I can safely say I have been Instagraming the begeebers lots recently, and have realised that IG (Instragram) really is my favourite form of social media. So I thought in collaboration with the gorgeous Textile designer Nancy Straughan I would do a ... read more


Teen Bedroom Makover : More Details

My main focus for the last couple of months has been the makeover of Nia's bedroom our teenage eldest daughter.  Its been an incredibly long process, mostly because we started from scratch, new flooring, bed and mattress, but also because she had so much stuff, that we needed to declutter. I think ... read more

View Quest Christie

I Love…View Quest – Christie Review

I feel like I'm writing about my families love of music a lot at the moment. With a daughter who plays the flute beautifully, and reads music. I am so proud of her achievements, she doing really well with her music. My husband (aka the Tall Fella) who is a bass player, and loves an eclectic ... read more