The Rug Retailer : Metallic and Shaggy

I've wanted to find a rug for my living room, after the demise of my last rug, for a very long time.  Our downstairs has only got hard flooring, so it really was lacking a little softness.  My home is also quite dark, so having recently lightened and brightened everywhere with a fresh lick of paint, ... read more

vegetable lasagne with herb topping

Spicy Vegetable lasagne with Herb Topping

Vegetable Lasagne is my favourite comfort food, so I set about combining my own vegetarian recipe with one that was on the Schwartz website that caught my eye : Lasagne with Chilli Bolognese and Thyme & Oregano Topping. Schwartz are looking to encourage people to use more herbs and spices, a ... read more

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Christmas Traditions

Do you have a Christmas tradition? We have lots, some taken from when we (Tall Dad and I ) were children, and others that have become a tradition since we had children ourselves. Why do we have the traditions? Well for the most part (and I think you will agree) its all about keeping the magic and ... read more